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LIBYA: Land of Mystery

The country of Libya has slid from the headlines until the word ISIS is mentioned then the Google button gets a massive work out……the world is most concerned about the rise of ISIS in North Africa and what it would mean for their global strategy…..,.few care to think back just a couple of years ago and the violence that the US and its NATO allies wrought on Libya….all in the name of saving it from itself……

The problem is all the decisions made by the Obama team did all that was necessary to turn Libya into a haven for the barbaric group the world is most afraid of…..and the person that had the most to do with the transformation of Libya…..

As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton played a key role in persuading President Obama to intervene in Libya—a move that helped turn the country into a war-torn, terrorist haven, the New York Times reports in two long articles based on interviews with more than 50 domestic and foreign officials. Former Libyan leader Muammar el-Gadhafi was about to crush an uprising in 2011 when Clinton, seeing Libya as a future democracy, broke with Obama’s senior advisors (like Joe Biden and Robert Gates) and said the US should intervene with Britain and France; Gates later said Clinton’s appeal swayed Obama. When the intervention dragged on, she pressed successfully for Washington to arm rebel militias. “Her view is, we can’t fail in this,” says Dennis Ross, then a National Security Council expert on the Middle East. “Once we have made a decision, we can’t fail.”

When Clinton learned of Gadhafi’s killing, she said, “Wow! We came, we saw, he died!” But the fractured Libyan government that followed couldn’t negotiate with the US, make peace with rebel fighters, or secure Ghadhafi’s weapons stashes (one reportedly contained 20,000 shoulder-fired, surface-to-air missiles). The killing of US ambassador J. Christopher Stevens only highlighted the country’s instability. With the administration re-focusing on Syria and domestic issues, Clinton pressed for deeper engagement in Libya—but a chastened Obama denied her. Libya today has two competing governments, ruined cities, over 4,000 dead, and a vital ISIS outpost, yet Clinton continues her aggressive international approach by calling for a no-fly zone in Syria. “We have learned the hard way when America is absent, especially from unstable places, there are consequences,” she says. Click to see the Times‘ articles here and here.

Thanx to the timing and the influence of special interests Libya is dying as a nation and there is very little that can be done to rescue it from the arms of violence……

Source: A New Libya, With ‘Very Little Time Left’ – The New York Times

The problem is that Obama and his people have created a situation that will eventually mean the use of force by NATO….that is if they are to stop ISIS from using Libya as their new region of influence and operations…..

Source: ISIL’s gains in Libya and the case for intervention – Al Jazeera English

But is it just a scenario or is this going to happen?

French newspaper Le Monde reported that the French government is engaged in a “secret war” in Libya, and has deployed special forces already. The Pentagon has also talked about its own presence in Libya, and Britain is understood to have some special forces there as well.

The numbers keep growing, and other assets for a Western war in Libya, which officials have been publicly championing for months, are being moved into place. It’s only a matter of time until the “secret war” becomes a public one, but how long?

That’s not clear, as leaked Italian documents confirm that they too are poised to send some ground troops across the Mediterranean, though officially the Italian Defense Ministry insists that there is no “war room” and that the conflict is awaiting the formation of a Libyan unity government.


These nations have all been emphasizing the growth of the ISIS affiliate in Libya, and indicating that they believe the ISIS war needs to be expanded there. The selling of the “merits” of the war seems to be running concurrent to the actual deployments in this case, indicating how perfunctory the whole PR effort is.

This is an ever continuing story…..the US feeds the need for further interventions only to find another spot that needs intervention to save it from itself…..

All in all…..the perfect implementation of the “Realist Theory” of international relations……

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