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Armed Conflict Could Return To Western Sahara

IST readers know that I have a soft spot in my heart for the people of Western Sahara……my concern comes from many years ago when I was employed as a researcher/analyst and was sent to the region shortly after the Spanish pulled out in 1975….I worked in Western Sahara for 9 months and became tied to the people, the land and the struggle……

Since the Spanish departure the people of Western Sahara have been struggling for their own country……many countries have tried to annex the region…..Mauritania and Morocco have claimed the region as their own….Morocco is the sole country trying to subjugate the region for their own desires…..

I have written many posts on the situation in Western Sahara……

Source: Meanwhile Back In Western Sahara – In Saner Thought

And if that was not enough information then this post may help……

We all have places that mean more to us than others……mine is Western Sahara…..,..for haters the desert is a hot, unforgiving landscape of muted brown colors…..but for me it …

Source: Western Sahara–Will Violence Return? – In Saner Thought

The post mentioned above illustrates the frustration the people of Western Sahara have for the so-called “diplomatic” solutions…..they agreed to let the UN and other organizations work on their behalf…..that is just not happening and now the people have said…“ENOUGH”!

Tanks were rolled out as nearly 25,000 men in uniform raised the Western Sahara flag and vowed to return to their homeland

Source: Independence movement gears up for armed struggle in Western Sahara

If this turns ugly the world has NO one but themselves to blame….for their lack of concern and action has given the people of Western Sahara only one option……the one option that the UN was hoping to avoid….but being an ineffective organization for Western Sahara they have made the decision for the people of Western Sahara……..

While I was writing this post I got word of a communique issued by the US ambassador to Morocco…….

The autonomy plan in the Western Sahara under Moroccan sovereignty is “serious, credible and realistic,” reiterated the ambassador of the United States in Rabat, Dwight L. Bush, in an exclusive interview on Saturday with Maghreb Arab Press (MAP).
“Our position remains unchanged: the autonomy plan is serious, credible and realistic,” Bush said, stressing that “we continue to wish a peaceful, lasting and mutually acceptable solution to the Western Sahara issue.”

The US diplomat expressed his concern regarding the ongoing dispute between Morocco and the UN Chief, after the latter described Morocco’s sovereignty over the Western Sahara as “occupation.”

The statement caused an outcry in Morocco, prompting the Moroccan government to issue a strongly-worded communique on Tuesday, March 8 in which it accused Ban Ki-moon of siding with the Algeria-backed Polisario.

“We were very concerned about the turn of events” between the UNSG and Morocco, Bush said, adding that the United States seeks “to provide help as much as we can in order to move towards a settlement.”

Bush went on to add that that the proposed advanced regionalization in Morocco’s southern provinces is part “of the work that continues under the vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI to provide the region with infrastructure to boost growth for the good of the people in stability and the prospects for a strong future.”

News and events on Western Sahara issue/ CORCAS

Total garbage!

The US delivers billions in weapons to Morocco and they are afraid of losing business if they support a legitimate struggle for independence.

Source: Western Sahara controversy hits Congress – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Have you ever heard more disingenuous words than those of the King?

King Mohammed VI to provide the region with infrastructure to boost growth for the good of the people in stability and the prospects for a strong future.”

The people of Western Sahara are NOT pleased or will they accept aything short of independence….nor should they.

And now the words are turning heated…….

Tempers are heating up in Western Sahara. Despite a quarter-century of negotiations aimed at settling the dispute between Morocco and the indigenous Sahrawi people of Western Sahara, Moroccan authorities expelled UN personnelthis week after UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon described the situation there as an “occupation.”

A war of words threatens the 25-year cease-fire. The two rivals in the mineral-rich North African territory have been under continuous UN mediation in an effort to reach a political solution since 1991. At that time, the UN Security Council promised the Sahrawi people the right to vote on whether to be a part of Morocco or to become an independent state (the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic). The Sahrawis are saying that Morocco, by expelling the UN representatives, has left them with no choice but to take up arms again.

Read more:

This is starting to spiral out of control and it is not going to end well…..

All this can be solved by simply granting Western Sahara their independence…..something that can be done without armed conflict or violence.

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