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Editor says …’ One Day We All Become A Commodity of Sort’s ‘

People have already become  ‘ Commodity of Sorts ‘ when contributing to society, though we become ‘ Surplus ‘ to requirements when we cost too much to keep.

Fundamentally l believe that the essence of law has to be absolutely right: Though the essence of the laws and control over people has changed over the past decade dramatically, and even sped up as a result of 2008, revelations.

Society see’s the  ‘ Commodity of Sorts ‘ as useful for now, but when our health fails and  we cost the state more than we are adding to the economy, we are surplus to requirements.

So as the population increases beyond our planet’s resources, we are no longer useful to society, as our family grow up and leave the nest, consumerism is not the major reason for our existence, thus we are surplus to the advertising media’s wile’s.

We do not want and by not wanting we cannot be controlled, either with or without knowing, as more and the devil’s hand reaches out to grab the last vestitude of our soul’s

After our lives come to the end we are once again useful as to die costs us huge amounts of money to be buried and at the end we breath out our last breath as in the beginning we breathed in our first breath: We are remembered by those that knew of us and our memories are those of our soul a persona of good or a persona of bad .

We are now now dust as from dust we were born ….Amen


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‘ Welcome Friends and Followers to New Launch of Ace News Room ‘

Hello my name is Ian glad you could visit the Ace News Room.


This is where on the cutting room floor, our news and views about the news will be made. 

As anyone who knows me – l have slowly built a group of sites all listed below with links on my about page, that represent as broad range of topics as possible.

This site, blog or room as it will be known is simply my news, views and feelings and thoughts as an editor.

So today this day l open the news room to the world and say welcome to my friends and writers and of course you all who one day hopefully enjoy reading our words as much as we enjoyed writing them.

With kindest best wishes and love from us all.

See you in the news room soon ……… Ian

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“Ensuring free movement of essential health products is vital for saving lives & curbing the social & economic impacts of the #COVID19 pandemic”-@DrTedros #coronavirus

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“These facilities will also have longer-term benefits for health systems once the current #COVID19 crisis is over. It’s also vital that countries have sufficient supplies of diagnostics, protective equipment and other medical supplies”-@DrTedros #coronavirus

#health, #healthcare

“The manual covers structural design, infection prevention & control measures & ventilation systems. This is a life-saving instruction manual to deal with the surge of #COVID19 cases that some countries are facing right now”-@DrTedros #coronavirus

#health, #healthcare

“The manual covers setting up: -screening & triage at health facilities, using a repurposed building or a tent -community facilities to care for mild patients -a treatment centre, by repurposing hospital wards or entire 🏥, or by setting up a new 🏥 in a tent”-@DrTedros

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“To help countries manage the surge in #COVID19 cases while maintaining essential services, WHO has also published a detailed, practical manual on how to set up and manage treatment centres for COVID-19”-@DrTedros #coronavirus

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“That incl. ensuring an adequate 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️ to deal with the many health needs other than #COVID19. We’re pleased by the 20K #healthworkers in 🇬🇧 who have offered to return to work & that other countries such as 🇷🇺 are involving medical students & trainees in the response”-@DrTedros

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“This includes a set of targeted, immediate actions to reorganize & maintain access to high-quality essential health services: -routine vaccination -care during 🤰 & childbirth -treatment for infectious & noncommunicable diseases & mental health conditions -🩸 services”-@DrTedros

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