‘ Welcome Friends and Followers to New Launch of Ace News Room ‘

Hello my name is Ian glad you could visit the Ace News Room.


This is where on the cutting room floor, our news and views about the news will be made. 

As anyone who knows me – l have slowly built a group of sites all listed below with links on my about page, that represent as broad range of topics as possible.

This site, blog or room as it will be known is simply my news, views and feelings and thoughts as an editor.

So today this day l open the news room to the world and say welcome to my friends and writers and of course you all who one day hopefully enjoy reading our words as much as we enjoyed writing them.

With kindest best wishes and love from us all.

See you in the news room soon ……… Ian

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Amid concerns of gambling addiction, Japan’s new law legalizing casinos requires Japanese to pay to enter and limits entry to 10 times every 4 weeks https://t.co/IBcJvU1tJO

Abu Dhabi Crown Prince gives President #XiJinping an Arabian horse as gift #GuanghuaStudio https://t.co/UM2ynNFL4S

دیدار اتمر با سفیر بریتانیا دربارۀ پروسۀ صلح https://t.co/bKjk6ZSJFg https://t.co/fUE2yrYoBp

Photos: 41st annual Houston World Series of Dog Shows https://t.co/LpHVw69ULr https://t.co/6nbbvKWyAc

Henry Kissinger laments #PutinTrump summit submerged by US domestic issues https://t.co/5MopPfHamY https://t.co/ph87XAPKjF

Atmar Visits UK Ambassador, Discusses Peace Process #Afghanistan https://t.co/i4cJzOkGP7 https://t.co/8WRwxHgBCv

Beloved doctor shot, killed while riding bike in Medical Center https://t.co/huAuzKMK3c https://t.co/cyXwHsVmoN