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Businesses moan over living wage & global growth reported & not the fact that their #profits were being squeezed to pay a fair days pay for a fair days work to those that keep their companies running

8o1OPz2e_normal.png The Guardian (@guardian)
UK services hit by living wage fears and global growth jitters .. as their profits are hit …

The economic culture in Britain and bleating business leaders, every time there is a glitch in their share markets – never ceases to amaze !

This time their services industry is hit – well if you balance too many balls in the air at once – sooner rather than later some will not be caught! This time it’s all eggs in one basket time, with China flagging and protecting themselves and too hell with other countries markets. Relying on too much on one market is risky but putting all your money on the wrong horse is even more risky – ever heard of hedging your bets?

Well as usual when it happens – who shall we blame but the workers, they want a ‘ living wage ‘ well they are the ‘ coal ‘ to stoke the furnaces of companies coffers – so they deserve a living wage, maybe cut your dividends you bosses or even your wages?

Or maybe the eggs in one basket and the hens coming home to roost, tells you the ‘ services industry ‘ is in decline and it’s time to return to the manufacturing industries of: ‘The Industrial Revolution‘ days and get it right by investing in your product, workforce and not paying yourselves huge pay rises, dividends and paying your workers their just deserts .. Well ?

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