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When the founder of Islam died in 650 AD Four Caliph were chosen to be his successors who were all assassinated – this was the start of the now burgeoning sectarian war

When the founder of Islam died in 650 A.D . Four Caliph were chosen to be his successors .Abu Baker El Sadiq ,Omar Bin El Khatab,Othman Bin Affan And Ali.

All four of them were assassinated in the mosque while they were praying.

Ali’s followers became the Shia’t. The Shia’t took their revenge when Ali was assassinated by the Sunnis.

Then the Sunnis killed both sons of Ali on their way to Shia’t Iraq to be chosen as Caliphs of Iraq.

Every year the Shia’t all over the world torture themselves mourning the sons of Ali ,Hassan and Hussein.

The sectarian conflict between Sunni Muslims and the Shia’t Muslims is the result of Sunni terrorism to obliterate the Shia’t.

Sunni Muslims make 80% of Islam,Shia’t ‘ Muslims represent only 20% of Islam.


They are on the verge of sectarian war.

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