🔴 BREAKING – Macron calls for increased multilateralism in rebuttal to Trump’s isolationist UN speech https://t.co/nBb6h6CNbz https://t.co/c2nTqdwmXp


IEC Chief Abdulbadi Sayyad says the election commission has not received even one identity card from the thousands of “fake identity cards” unveiled by political parties this month. https://t.co/1Y20JCmGQz

Humayun Humayun, member of the Grand Coalition, says he can give documents on one million fake identity cards with stickers on them. He says he knows some sites that will not have one voter but fake identity cards will be used for them. https://t.co/c47nM1Swe7

IS claims bombings of SDF positions in Baghouz today SE Deir ez-Zur

IS claims bombings of SDF positions in Baghouz today SE Deir ez-Zur

East L.A. high school teacher accused of sexually assaulting 15-year-old boy https://t.co/kkMl2j3PaC

Egypt seeks to regain regional power through mediating talks between rival Palestinian factions, say analysts https://t.co/fQu9LMcpa3 https://t.co/CPkSbvTHgJ

“It’s very easy to create chaos, but it’s difficult to re-establish order. And today, unfortunately, some countries are persistently trying to create chaos.” – Turkish President @RT_Erdogan addresses #UNGA. For live updates: https://t.co/NXoPk20MZY https://t.co/mcWs5UIsne