The Economy Of The Largest Superpower On The Planet Is Collapsing Right Now ! Fact – Part One

Editors Opinion: This post asks the question about the worlds economies and some one today said recently my opinion matters: So here goes ….. 

Well here is my opinion on this worlds economy and the answer. 

Some of you know l spent my life in finance and l was in the 1990’s collapse and it hit hard, so l was prepared for the 2008 crisis, this time manipulated by bankers, who simple stitched you all up. The HOW, WHAT and WHY are important but WHO you already know, that is all but the 7 of them, that skulk in the shadows, controlling world markets. These are referred to as the Illuminati or New World Order (NWO), that everyone keeps talking about and quoting: The facts are far from the real truth – this  truly is stranger than any fiction: So let us start with the How all this began:     

Well the HOW for world leaders was simple they had to ruin an Economy first by controlling How people Invest their Money by building an Investment Vehicle called an Investment bond. Then making sure they added low, medium and high risk. This being completed launch with money purchased off the money markets as a hedge fund, this will lessen their risk and raise their profits.

NOW: call up your investors and offer them your latest investment opportunity. Start with a simple question, do you WANT low, medium or high risk in your portfolio? NOW: most people will say a spread and out comes their finely tuned investment vehicle geared to their clients spread of risk and then they gave them a certificate of investment, thus showing their client agreed to the risk on their investment portfolio.

NOW: this vehicle the bankers structured means if the client makes money the banker makes money, but here is the rub: If the client losses money, the bank still makes money, as they geared the investment in their favour, based simply on their clients GREED factor cultivated by a Capitalistic Society mentality. 

NOW: the bank has the investors money no longer are they a client and they can do anything with it they WANT and they did! They wanted to make as much money as they could so they lent the investors money to a high risk market: Namely to the sub-prime mortgage market. This ensures the best interest return as it has the greatest risk, but they added that to their investment vehicle, so their clients will not be perturbed, well high risk to the investor means greater return. Also these types of borrowers cannot get a normal mortgage, they could stack the normal interest with penalties and higher than normal interest rates, thus increasing the risk and of course investor return. Of course their certificate had covered the bankers against lose by some simple words: Investments can go up or down dependant on market conditions.  Well one day those words would come true in 2008 when one day the borrowers could not afford the repayments on their homes, and lenders foreclosed on thousands.

Though bankers had another trick up their sleeves, their Ace in the hole so to speak. 

NOW: They simply sold on the debt to a third party – well it was written in their Investment vehicle – sorry contract under a simple phrase called ” We reserve the right at anytime to change the Terms & Conditions of your contract ” So they did in their favour by selling off these toxic assets – before the sh*t hit the fan.

NOW: for their masterstroke become property owners of all the foreclosed properties with the sole intention of buying cheap – rent back to same clients who you mortgaged them to and then eventually when the prices were high enough arrange funding under ” Rent to Buy Schemes “ but first they did this and made a killing, building massive property portfolios’ and using a service company collected rents from the same now ex-sub-prime mortgagees.                  

In stepped the bankers with a solution through a specifically designed service company and once again using their investors profits they made from mortgagees repayments and their investment capital. What they DO is they purchased properties at dirt cheap prices, building a property portfolio.

Now: Do not forget the investor still making money on their investment portfolio and they are happy as the bankers are making them extra from their brilliant scheme of buying up the cheap homes and renting them back to the same people, who once owned them – well had them on mortgage.    

NOW: the with the bankers being property owners receiving rentals out these homes do not forget the rule of investment on their vehicle: ” The more the client makes, the more the banker makes “ So in comes rental incomes from people who cannot afford to buy a home, thus building up the investment, all the time the investors are happy, as are the bankers. We move forward to 2007 NO not 2008 remember preparations took place in 2006 ready for 2008 they had to buy the homes as people foreclosed and of course their investors happy, as where was their next investment income coming from, when the collapse happened, as they knew it would – WHY? Because they manipulated with a carefully laid plan of ” Making money even when the client lost money “ remember the vehicle had a two-pronged attack strategy ” Clients made a lot of money and bankers made a lot of money – clients made a lose the bankers still made money “ Well get ready for what they Really did not what you read or understood. It was all in the contract wording and has been so since the first note was printed these words are the bankers key to ripping off you and me:

Pay the bearer on demand WHY because you note is simply a Credit-Note and any currency is just a piece of paper worthless until the government body puts a value on it! The note is credit they are giving you x credit to spend thus they can put interest on your bank account, as it is not your money, it is there’s. You place your hard-earned cash in a bank account in your name but the notes are printed as credit notes to enable you to spend up-to and including your limit you banked, but their notes are not based on what is in your account – they are minted/printed to suit economy conditions, and their need to pay their debts.

Though the coudagrais is that unless you spend your credit-note the GDP does not rise, thus they need to print more currency to pay their debts. So they simply keep everyone in debt forever with their new printed and minted credit notes. This was simply called a Promissory Note or promise to pay – it makes NO guarantee of payment whatsoever and we swallow the simple fact – that at anytime they decide they can refuse – you see their promise and it is theirs can be revoked.  It was important l told you of this fact as it was used so successfully in 2008 to crash world economies and allow bankers to make more money than ever before:

More in part two ……… If you want to know how and what they did ….it all goes back to 1988 the first collapse and what they learned.  
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‘ How I Got into Debt in My Search for Love ‘

This is my story: ​Simply l start with me and my debt’s that to say the least were massive, caused by wanting some people might say, and they would be right in part.

Though ​I did want not cars, houses and trappings of wealth, but simply to be loved. In fact half a million pounds worth of wanting to be loved. So here is my story …….. well at least part one!!! ​Part will come when l can find the words and the feelings. ​

That’s right just to be loved by someone who thought l was more important than the pound in my pocket.

Maybe l should say a little about that last statement. It all started when l was a child and my parents did not have time for me, in fact they were too busy to care about me, except when they wanted me to be a parent. That is right as a child l needed to do their job for them, and sort out my own problems​,and also my younger brothers problems. When ever he got himself in trouble ,they called on me to get him out of trouble, and l did. Though when it went wrong and he took no notice it was my fault, not my brother’s or my parent’s.

So we move quickly forward to 1984 l was by now just 30 – still a child in many ways and still breaking up the fights over money – sorry forgot mention my parents driving force, it was money or simply pounds, shillings and pence. They argued incessantly over every penny, meanwhile my brother carried on getting into scrap’s and l carried on bailing him out.

It was at this time in April of that year my dad became ill, rushed into hospital and diagnosed with Leukemia and my mother fell back on me to become the father figure, looking after bills and sorting out – well everything. You see my dad was of Victorian upbringing and l was brought up by him as he was, so l knew no different, you became a man at 14 and that was that, well l was 30 and my dad in my eyes was dying.

Though nobody would still talk to me about it, my brother had gone​ off, marrying the first girl who would have him, and l was left sorting everything out.

Well he did die after 9 hard months and l was not there, for the first time in my entire life, l was doing something for me, well someone else really but not my family. I was earning a crust, money – doing a job of insuring another persons home. You see in the morning l phoned the hospital and he was in a coma, no change.

But when l got back the answering machine was flashing, and the words were my uncles – l never forget them: ‘ Come Quick Your Dad’s Dying ‘ l never drove so fast in my life – but it was too late their faces told me it all. He is dead he died 10 minutes ago, you are too late.

So after the funeral and everything was sorted by me, well who else​, and everyone but me had grieved l started trying to get him to love me. You see he never said a word to me about that all my life, l wanted to hear those words so much and to know and feel he really cared.

So l started to build a business and make him proud of me and to do that l borrowed money, something l had never ever done, but all l could remember him saying were these words ‘ People will ​L​ove you if you have MONEY but 6 years later and half a million in debt, all my so-called friends disappeared and all l was left ​with ​
with was debt. I lost everything houses, cars and eventually my health and l had a nervous breakdown.

It was only then my mother who l had taken care of since he died, came to help me and nobody​ else. So this would seem finally l would receive this so-called love at 36. She did what she could but really when l was well enough it was my turn to take over again with the after words still ringing in my ears, l look after you when you were ill, so l need your help now. So l became my so-called brother/mothers keeper, well she had grabbed my arm and said to my brother at the funeral 6 years before, l have got Ian now.

Time moves forward some years l reach 55 left home and numbers of failed relationships looking for love, not a rich man but not what l call poor man. One day l find out after a visit she has not been eating, taking her tablets for thyroid problems and basically not looking after herself. Well being me l started to look after her​ full-time​ ,taking care of everything eventually​,as l tried to get her to care for herself. But she had this problem it was called the truth and my mother could not tell the truth if her life depended on it, and as it turned out it did.

 As the years progressive l looked after her and left my care position after 4 years and became a so-called main carer, with my financial and organised manner l was able to sort-out a basic care package, 2 hours a day, to visit and leave a meal. The problem was my mother wanted her own way, l would say take you​r ​time walking and she would run and when she ended up falling, she became reliant on a walking aid.

It got worst and she feel more often on a number of oc​c​assion​​s cracking her head and being admitted to hospital to be patched up. Finally on the 40th fall – that is right 40 falls she lands on her hip, lucky does not crack it​,but traps a blood vessel and that would eventually become too painful to walk.

 It is now 4 years later and she is housebound, being hoisted chair to bed and chair to commode, l am her fully time slave, now 2 houses full-time cooking cleaning and no real money, savings gone, no job. Nearly lose the roof over my head and bailed out by my mum, but with a proviso or should l say promise never put me in a care home, you look after me here in my home.

No choice agree. ………. so l did as always..!!

It is now 2014 – 30 years since my dad died and l started looking after my mum, her health deteriorates, as she still wants her own way, l am now in debt as l have no real income and suddenly l realise she is dying. It hits me hard, harder than l ever realised l have known nothing first since l became her carer. We struggle through Christmas and Jan​uary arrives nothing changes and mother is now bed ridden, catharised and refusing to take her tablets, drink or even eat.

 On the 15th January she is admitted to hospital and l go back to where 30 years before my dad was dying and now my Mum is dying as well.

We talk about going full circle well l have done just that gone full circle.

I w​as 61 on the 25th January and l was 16 when l started working in a job my dad put into, as his words spoken were ‘ l looked after you for 16 years now you need to get a job and pay your way ‘ after 45 years l am still doing a job l was put into namely nursing my Mum until she died.

 Part Two …………….. in next​ …!!!

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