BRITTIUS REPORT: ‘ Thoughts on G4s & Debtors Prisons ‘

In America, G4S prisons are called “Debtor Prisons”, as when I did the coverage on the original version of my blog (this is the 5th ed., all previous attacked and destroyed), businesses get judges to give those owing debts, to sign prison terms.

If incarcerated, many, have their debt increased as they are charged money to keep them in a cell, clothe, feed, lighting, guard/service, homes are forfeited or seized and sold for money. Big mess. From what I understand, the federal government authorizes such, to hold down tax burden of states but, of course, lobbyists bribe congressional members, because congress made lobbying (BRIBING), lawful.

I knew one or two of their employees when their bus broke down, and they had prisoners on-board, so we sat behind them with our roof lights flashing while their repair truck showed up.

The personnel appeared to know what they were doing.

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