A bit on the crazy side, I am a Pakistani woman and yet I don’t fit the usual stereotypes of brown eastern typos.

I am a human rights journalist/activist as well as a gender trainer. Not afraid to tell you all that am an intersectional feminist.

In my free time, I try to bring stories on this blog on what I see in my country or abroad. So you may find a mix of topics relating to social, humanitarian, conflict and women related issues in particular people’s rights based.

Additionally, I am also a certificated trainer on human rights, peace-building and conflict resolution — those interested in availing my services should contact admin “The Human Lens” thanks again.

Please note: I don’t give statements, make endorsements, personalized interviews or accept invites.

Foot Note: The blog does not promote  hatred, incitement against East nor West alike and welcomes its valuable readers feedback and reflections. However, I request to please refrain from sending hate messages containing name calling, intimidation and threats.

Thank you for the this understanding! Happy Surfing!

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