This site used to exist as a parody site: It morphed into a reblog site, reblogging hundreds of posts from around the web, blog and news post with a conservative bent. Some outrageous and some simply snarky.

Blogging a post does not endorse the contents of that post, only that I found it interesting, nothing more unless I comment otherwise.

All comments on this blog are the intellectual property of the commenter themselves and are moderated only for spam and obscenity as I define it. If the posts here offend you, tough luck! Go read something else.

As for me:

Former Criminal, former Capuchin Franciscan brother, former Orthodox Priest. In the process of redemption (a life-long process). Seminarian pursuing a degree in Theology with a major in Christian Social Work. Yes, I lost my faith for a number of years and fell into sin and criminality. God has restored my faith. I seek to do as Christ has commanded us all to do.

Married, no children and I am a cancer survivor as well as a Hospice graduate through the grace of God.

Read my Wikipedia entry to know who you are dealing with.