This blog is primarily about

  1. Publishing officially released historic Reports on Child Sexual Abuse, usually paid for with taxpayers money but up to now hidden by accident or design by authorities
  2. Publishing relevant information that has been obtained from Freedom of Information requests usually from the website.

The truth needs to be told about the extent of child sexual abuse in this country, in particular the institutional child sexual abuse in institutions such as  “care” homes.

This truth is essential for many victims. Whilst painful especially at first, without it many victims cannot move on, not only due to the original abuse, but also the lies and cover ups of child sexual abuse that have gone on over the past 50 years. Cover ups that go right to the top of our power “illite” – “care” homes, local authorities, hospitals, politicians, police, press, judiciary, freemasonry, and secret services.

The truth is also essential so that the perpetrators of these vile crimes, child torture, are brought to justness, and so that they cannot harm our children any more.

Whilst there is much that is not already written down in official reports, and will only come in survivors stories, then there is much, at present unpublished in archives, local government, central government, academia, inspection reports up and down the country that will throw light on the extent of the abuse.

This blog helps to publish some pieces of the jigsaw of British child sexual abuse, and some detail on those pieces. Please help if you can by telling your story in any way related to child sexual abuse.

Authorities often have not released information for short-term selfish corporate reasons. Individuals in power and lawyers within the corporate structure, are sometimes fearful that it will be embarrassing, show the authority in a bad light, or worse that they will be blamed for costing the corporation or the corporations insurance company money.

They do not think of the victim, the people who have been wronged or had their life irrevocably changed or destroyed by the bad or negligent actions of that corporation or their duty of care to those individuals.  They do not think to consider that time and time again, lessons of history have not been learned about child torture and child abuse due to the short terms thinking and actions similar to their own.

The people that hide information are responsible for abuse continuing because these lessons have not been learned. There is so much information hidden by accident or design that paedophiles continues getting worse and people are not aware of the extent of the problem. People holding public offices with power over others sometimes abuse it.

Power is often the very reason why child abuse happens, and people with power is also the reason it is covered up.  That is going to change. Those with the power to release information that choose not for the selfish reason of the corporation, will be brought to book though due process, that can include private prosecution. You are responsible for your actions, and the corporation you work for will desert you.

I choose to use as this site ensures that the information gained in Freedom of Information Requests is in the public domain, so that others can benefit from my questions and the replies to them. In this way the sum of public information gained is obviously vastly greater than if requests were individual private parts.

NO permissions have been obtained by this blog for publishing data on this blog, from other persons questions from the website, nor is this permission required. A reference link will have been given, if ever this is missing please inform me.

The issues brought up by recent relevations that research is undertaken by at least one local authority on FOI requestors are very important. It is clear that research has been done on this blog due to questions from another.  Is it lawful to do that research under FOI and other legislation? Was the personal information released even accurate or just supposition or circumstantial? Why was it collected? Who did it go to?

I do not intend to address these issues on this blog at this time, as I believe it will detract from the purpose of this site, which is to republish released information on child sexual abuse, for the greater good of the victims.

This is a time of change, for the first time there is hope that we can vanquish the scourge of the paedophile. The paedophiles are looking over their shoulders and getting worried. We need a concerted effort to link up and bring them down. Whatever your part – research, telling your story, spreading the information, writing letters, putting on pressure – do it and together we will win.

With the truth comes healing.

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The truth will out. The truth will shout. The truth will set us free.



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