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#AceNewsDesk – Sweden to Allow New Underwater Investigation Into Estonia Ferry Wreck Site

The MS Estonia sank in the Baltic Sea off Finland on September 28, 1994, after the ship’s bow door locks failed during a storm, prompting the vessel to capsize within moments as hundreds of its passengers were left trapped: The disaster is considered Europe’s second-deadliest peacetime sinking after that of the RMS Titanic:

Published: Dec.18: 2020: // Sputnik

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#AceNewsDesk – Microsoft has raised the alarm recently about a new malware strain that infects users’ devices and then proceeds to modify browsers and their settings in order to inject ads into search results pages

Named Adrozek, the malware has been active since at least May 2020 and reached its absolute peak in August this year when it controlled more than 30,000 browsers each day. But in a report today, the Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team believes the number of infected users is much, much higher.

Microsoft researchers said that between May and September 2020, they observed “hundreds of thousands” of Adrozek detections all over the globe. Based on internal telemetry, the highest concentration of victims appears to be located in Europe, followed by South and Southeast Asia: Microsoft says that, currently, the malware is distributed via classic drive-by download schemes. Users are typically redirected from legitimate sites to shady domains where they are tricked into installing malicious software. The boobytrapped software installs the Androzek malware, which then proceeds to obtain reboot persistence with the help of a registry key:

Published on December 10, 2020 at 07:30PM