#CoronavirusNewsDesk – Moscow has documented 3,573 #COVID19 related deaths in October, Dept of Health informed on Thursday and was documented as the main cause of death or a contributing factor to death

MOSCOW, November 26. /TASS/ In September, 1,569 coronavirus-related deaths were recorded in Moscow, including 543 people who died from COVID-19 as the main condition:

Approximately 50% of Moscow residents have immunity to COVID-19, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said Thursday: ” An option to curb the spread of the epidemic is the restrictive measures that we are taking. Secondly, it is herd immunity which all scientists and specialists speak about. The research that was carried out shows that we have around 50% of the population more or less with immune response to coronavirus in theory. However, no one can guarantee that reinfection won’t happen in the future,” Sobyanin pointed out:

Published: Thu, 26 Nov 2020 21:24:22 +0300: https://ift.tt/3fEYyzA