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#AceNewsDesk – Hackers spread false reports of nuclear disaster, death of US troops in Ukraine

An act of deception that was later revealed as a series of hacker attacks brought a whole range of simultaneous false reports of a nuclear disaster, the death of Ukrainian and American military personnel, and other incidents in Ukraine on Sept. 23.

Notably, the fake news campaign occurred during the climax of the large Ukrainian-American-British-Canadian military exercises Joint Endeavor 2020, which continue all across the country since Sept. 19, and during yet another round of Ukrainian-American anti-terror drills Rapid Trident in Lviv Oblast.

Moreover, the fake stories were published and massively spread not only by dubious Facebook accounts but also by hacked websites of local authorities and even the police.

Published: Sept.24: 2020:

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#AceNewsDesk – Growing Number Of Californians Opting To Leave The State

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Experts say over the decade, over 150,000 people have left the state and that number is expected to climb as remote working options increase during the coronavirus pandemic.

“It is hard to keep up with the demand,” said Daniel Carrillo with Pasadena Moving Company. “In our whole history, we’ve never seen that before. We used to have maybe 5% to 7% of our moves out of state.”

The pandemic is not just forcing people to reevaluate finances but reconsider living situations, and as a result, business at local moving companies is surging.

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#AceNewsDesk – Four members of Russia’s PMC Wagner killed in helicopter crash in Libya – media

The helicopter exploded at 08:00 local time on September 23 / Photo from…

Four members of Russia’s PMC Wagner killed in helicopter crash in Libya – media

“A helicopter carrying Russian mercenaries and ammunition fell in the town of Sukna, in the city of Al-Jufrah,” military spokesman Abd al-Hadi Dara told Anadolu Agency on September 23.

The helicopter exploded at 08:00 local time on September 23.

The spokesman noted that, “the helicopter was heading towards one of the oil fields used by the mercenaries as an operations room.”

No other details of the incident have been reported.

(C)UNIAN 2020

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#AceNewsDesk – Minneapolis Police’s Public Information Officers Now Under Mayor’s Supervision

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — New details have emerged about the flow of police information in Minneapolis.

The Minneapolis City Council voted two months ago to eliminate the police department’s public information officer. The role is vital to media outlets, including WCCO, to obtain the latest information on crimes: WCCO learned Wednesday that the role — currently held by John Elder — will live on, but it will be supervised by the mayor’s office instead of the police.