#Coronavirus Report: 🇫🇷 France has confirmed 794 new #coronavirus cases and 166 new de aths today, raising the country’s total to 130,979 with 24,760 confirmed deaths.

#Coronavirus Report: 🇩🇪 Germany has confirmed 474 new #coronavirus cases and 12 new de aths today, raising the country’s total to 164,551 with 6,748 confirmed deaths: Data Tracker reports

#Coronavirus Report: 🇮🇹 Italy has confirmed 1,900 new #coronavirus cases and 474 new d eaths today, raising the country’s total to 209,328 with 28,710 confirmed deaths Data Tracker reports

#Coronavirus Worldwide Report: 19:00:GMT: Global #COVID19 Death Toll Exceeds 240,000 Total Number of Cases Tops 3.3-million – and over 900,000 recovered Data Tracker reports

#Coronavirus Business Report: Lufthansa’s chief executive has warned against government interference in the airline’s management as it seeks a 9 billion euro ($9.91 billion) state bailout as a way to survive the #coronavirus #pandemic

#Coronavirus Sports Report: The road cycling European championships scheduled for September in the Italian province of Trentino have been postponed by a year amid the #COVID19 crisis, the Union Europeenne de Cyclisme (UEC) said on Saturday.

#AceSportsDesk report…………..The U.S. women’s soccer team’s claims for equal pay were dismissed by a Central District of California court on Friday, handing a victory to the United States S occer Federation Reuters reports

#Coronavirus Report: Spain’s health ministry says the number of #COVID19 deaths in the country has risen by 276 to 25,100 and the number of confirmed cases has risen by 1,366 to 216,582

#Coronavirus Report: Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon says a further 40 people with #COVID19 have died bringing the total number of deaths in hospitals and care homes to 1,515 as rise in people using roads and bus travel during lockdown SkyNews reports

#Coronavirus Report: Hundreds of lawsuits stemming from the #coronavirus #pandemic are rapidly amassing in state and federal courts, the first wave of litigation challenging decisions made early during the crisis by corporations, insurance companies and governments has already begun