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JUST IN: #Coronavirus Support …..Using the hashtags¬†#OnApplaudit (We Applaud) and #TousAlaFen√™t re (All at the Window), French people were asked to start applauding en masse at either 7pm or 8pm and to co ntinue doing so at the same time every night

#LATEST #Coronavirus Teams of scientists across the world are working around the clock to either develop a new drug or repurpose an existing medication to halt the spread of the virus

JUST IN: India’s apex bank and regulator RBI on Wednesday said it will hold an open market operation (OMO) on 20 March to purchase government bonds to stabilise financial markets which have been spooked by #Coronavirus Covid-19 fears

JUST IN: FCC Waives Rural Health Care And E-Rate Program Gift Rules To Promote Connectivity For Hospitals And Students During #Coronavirus Pandemic

JUST IN: #AND MARKETS: The UK’s #FTSE100 index closed down 4.05 percent with 5,080,58 points. France’s #CAC 40 was down 5.94 percent to 3,754.84 points, while Germany’s #DAX decreased by 5.47 percent to 8,450.25 points.

#LATEST RT @France24_en: Sudan’s #Darfur has been ravaged by civil war for over 17 years. The #ICC has accused Omar al-Bashir of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. Today, violence has not stopped. In this extremely rare report, @bastien_rnl and @MlleCsn #revisited Darfur March 18, 2020 at 03:17PM

#LATEST Local courts have closed their traffic service counters #8NN #BeInformedVegas March 18, 2020 at 03:14PM

Venice canals clearer as lockdown takes affect and fish and swans return to the waters once again as #ClimateChange begins with seed of change in peoples lives

#LATEST The Los Angeles Police Department will shift half the detectives working in its community stations to daily patrol in order to ensure public peace via PoliceOne Daily News