#AceFoodNews – People’s Daily, China Fancy dining experience at home. #LifeDependsOnOurAttitude https://t.co/XuVM07Z2lH tweet

#AceFoodNews – The Jerusalem Post Now that the days are shorter and night is falling early, we end up spending much more time inside the house. #Pizza #Party #WinterIsComing https://t.co/LBAZvjbfNm tweet

#AceFoodNews – The Jerusalem Post In the month of Heshvan, between Sukkot and #Hanukkah, there are no festival-related breads to talk about, so it is a golden opportunity to introduce you to some exotic Jewish Sabbath breads from different communities around the world. #Cooking #Israel https://t.co/pcvaL4g1yH tweet

Featured – Department of Defense RT @INDOPACOM: “Our engagement with the rest of the world continues in order to advance this vision for a #FreeandOpenIndoPacific,” Adm. Phil Davidson said during the Halifax International Security Forum #HIFS2019 https://t.co/PMSKMFByj6 tweet

Featured – Department of Defense RT @INDOPACOM: “The United States has made it clear that ASEAN is central to our approach of a #FreeandOpenIndoPacific,” said Adm. Phil Davidson, speaking at the #Halifax International Security Forum #HISF2019 @HFXForum https://t.co/5WX2bofqX5 tweet

Featured – As Israel bombed Gaza, Palestinian activist Ahmed Abu Artema’s 4-year-old daughter had to cancel her birthday party. “That evening, I asked Batoul on the phone, ‘Did you celebrate your birthday, sweetheart?’ She replied, ‘I will when the war stops, Dad'” https://t.co/Dx2RGEhDW4 https://t.co/mg5R6Kc1b2 http://twitter.com/theIMEU/status/1198295151283724290 November 23, 2019 at 05:40PM

Featured – Amelia Smith RT @freedom202010: #Breaking #Egypt Security forces arrested, at dawn today, #journalist of @MadaMasr “Shadi Zalat”, and Coptic activist “Rami Kamel”, head of the movement ” Union of Maspero’s youth”, from their homes and taken each to an unknown destination!! #freedom #journalismisnotacrime https://t.co/ptxs0IO0Ox tweet

Featured – Newsweek More than 1,000 Indiana patients potentially exposed to HIV and other infectious diseases after hospital failed to disinfect surgical tools https://t.co/FafPZvka5f tweet

#Breaking – The Jerusalem Post Man shot, lightly injured in #Nazareth https://t.co/0cpsuxlV5R https://t.co/bugNcdhVtb tweet