@AceFinanceNews: RT @BBCBusiness: Jaguar Land Rover gets China sales boost https://t.co/7BKgBrUXK6

@AceFinanceNews: RT @ReutersBiz: WATCH: Microsoft won the Pentagon’s $10 billion cloud computing contract, beating out favorite Amazon. In a statement, an Amazon Web Services spokesman said the company was ‘surprised about this conclusion’ https://t.co/Pq2sBmqWcs https://t.co/ekxFHZhmIQ

@AceFinanceNews: RT @BT_India: India to spend $1.4 trillion over 5 years on infrastructure development: Dharmendra Pradhan https://t.co/BnvRCZ4GbQ

@AceFinanceNews: RT @business: Argentine President Mauricio Macri’s supporters are praying for a miracle before Sunday’s presidential vote https://t.co/3hEQpnn5XD

@AceFinanceNews: RT @bsindia: A cigarette or a candy bar, that’s all you need to buy fuel in #Venezuela https://t.co/2G8yqgFBjj

@AceTweetNews: RT @thetimes: Crime gangs have trafficked across thousands of adults and children in the past decade, forcing them into labour to pay off the huge cost of making the journey to the West https://t.co/0AWjjhg18s

@AceTweetNews: RT @govtrack: 🔜 H.R. 4018 by @RepTedDeutch: To provide that the amount of time that an elderly offender must serve before being eligible for placement in home detention is to be reduced by the amount of good time credits earned by the prisoner, and for other pu… https://t.co/6Vs4V1mZHr 🏛️

@AceTweetNews: RT @CBSNewYork: Police are searching for a man accused of groping a 16-year-old girl at a Midtown subway station. https://t.co/v9mahMRE6I

@AceTweetNews: RT @ANCALERTS: Myanmar rebels kidnap more than 40 police, soldiers in Rakhine https://t.co/QFeiHlEUm2

@AceTweetNews: RT @AlArabiya_Eng: Several people have been injured after Iraqi security forces fired tear gas to disperse protesters in Tahrir Square in central Baghdad, Al Arabiya’s correspondent reports. https://t.co/VXdVCBvQe4 https://t.co/Gw4hr4twIQ