Why do environmentalists want to drain Tasmania’s Lake Pedder?

The flooding of Lake Pedder started the green political movement but remains an open wound. A nostalgic campaign to drain it is ramping up, but flies in the face of Hydro Tasmania’s bold plans to grow its renewable energy assets.

         October 04, 2019 at 11:47PM https://ift.tt/2Mi5O5Z

‘Out of control’: Supermarket workers bashed, abused in crime spate

Being bashed in the head with an EFTPOS machine and left with memory loss was just one of dozens of recent crimes inflicted on a Palmerston supermarket worker.

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Kangaroos eating stomach contents and toilet paper in extreme drought, ecologists say

Ecologists say kangaroos are eating the stomach contents of dead roos and toilet paper in national parks to survive the drought.

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‘Wash and blow-drying the Herefords’: How this humble rural show reached 100

A typical show day for Gary Clarke involves getting up early to wash and blow-dry his Hereford cattle before the crowds arrive. It is dedication like this which has helped the humble Burnie Show reach its 100th year.

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‘It can tear your world apart’: When Facebook support groups turn toxic

For many people, Facebook groups are one of the few remaining things tethering them to the platform — but what happens when they turn toxic? The admins of two popular pages say the abuse is affecting their lives off the internet.

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They’re one of the world’s toughest birds, but where are they?

Every year, thousands of short-tailed shearwaters, or mutton birds, descend on Victoria’s coastline at the end of September or early October after a mammoth journey from the northern hemisphere, but so far this year they haven’t shown up.

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San Fernando Valley Man Admits Guilt in English Proficiency Exam Scheme for Chinese Nationals Seeking Student Visas

LOS ANGELES – A Woodland Hills man pleaded guilty today to federal criminal charges in connection with a scheme where Chinese nationals fraudulently obtained student visas by hiring people wi

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How to be a runner without sacrificing your knees

Running is often blamed for knee pain but, done right, it can actually make your knees healthier. The trick is to ease into it and give your body time to strengthen and adapt.

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What goes on at an illegal music gig. Are you coming?

It’s 5:30pm on a Friday and I’ve received the location of a mysterious music gig. Are you coming?

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‘Undemocratic, un-Australian’: Welcome to local government elections

Voting rights based on owning property were last seen in many democracies in the late 19th century, but they live on in most Australian local government elections.

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