Drone innovators turn to gaming to steer underwater Antarctic mission

Sometimes, the simplest solutions are the best, as a team of scientists found when building an underwater drone which had to do things no robot had done before.

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What does getting your affairs in order mean in the digital age?

There was a time when everyone’s important documents — letters, photographs, diaries — were tangible objects, but as life moves to the cloud we could lose it all.

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Man shot dead in Sydney after firing shotgun at two police stations

Police shoot dead a heavily armed man who opened fire on a home and two police stations in Sydney’s west as terrified witnesses film the gunman’s final moments on a street.

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How to ditch your day job to start a small business while working less than 44 hours a week

Matt Godfrey swapped his career as a geologist to sell dumplings from a food van — and business advisor Brian Childs reckons you don’t have to burn the midnight oil to do the same. Just be prepared to put in the groundwork.

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Who has right of way on four-wheel drive beaches?

Police urge beachgoers and motorists to be considerate of each other after video emerges of a confrontation between a driver and holidaymakers who had set up camp along Rainbow Beach.

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British sprinter Dina Asher-Smith has won the Women’s 200 metres at at the World Athletics Championships in Doha in Qatar

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Why your mortgage could soon have a 2 in front of it

The RBA has nearly exhausted its rate-cutting and the big banks are no longer passing on the full cuts anyway, but that doesn’t mean your mortgage rate still hasn’t got further to fall, writes David Taylor.

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This galaxy has been on a feeding frenzy and the Milky Way is next

The Milky Way’s neighbour Andromeda is only a few billion years from colliding with our galaxy and scientists just discovered it’s been on a feeding frenzy in the past.

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What happened when a Foreign Correspondent story on pill testing at music festivals didn’t go to plan

Filming a half-hour program overseas for Foreign Correspondent requires months of careful planning, so producer Winsome Denyer’s stress levels soared when a story she’d organised on pill-testing programs in Europe started to unravel en route.

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US presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has heart procedure, cancels events

The 78-year-old senator’s hopes of challenging Donald Trump at next year’s US presidential election suffer a setback after he felt discomfort at a Las Vegas campaign event and was found to have a blocked artery.

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