Canadian police suspect fallen gondola cable was deliberately cut

The “big, thick, beautiful healthy rope” of the Sea to Sky Gondola had recently been checked and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police believe it was cut in an act of vandalism.

         August 11, 2019 at 11:37PM

Syrian military liberates strategically important town in #Idlib province – reports

Newspaper headlines: ‘Support’ for Prince Andrew and new Ofcom powers

A photo of Prince Andrew travelling to church with the Queen features on several newspaper fronts.

from BBC News – Home

It’s not in the ‘national interest’ for the backbench to shut up about China

The Government’s attempt to shut down backbench contributions on the China debate is less about “national interest” and more about controlling its MPs for in its own interests, writes Michelle Grattan.

         August 11, 2019 at 11:34PM

#Russia to complete state tests of Su-57 fifth-generation fighter in 2019

Heavy rain and landslides hit Kerala, India, with elephants washed away by gushing waters (Videos) #KeralaFloods2019

‘Potentially hazardous’ asteroid size of Great Pyramid of #Giza heading towards Earth – reports