Cyclists: Scourge of the Streets? review – a road-rage rant dressed in Lycra

Mexican Finance Chief steps down over differences on economic policies #Mexico

#Iraq confirms they will not establish ties with #Israel

It took two years of planning and about $30,000. And there’s still more work to be done. The dad plans on putting up a fence, some foul poles, as well as temporary lighting.

Hamza Yusuf is to be part of a 10-member panel chosen by US secretary of state Mike Pompeo to examine the role of human rights in US foreign policy

Update: Parents of Palmdale boy in suspicious death investigation reported he had drowned, but hospital staff found trauma on his body inconsistent with drowning, officials say

RT @latimessports: Mike Trout: “We thought it would be a good way to show some love and respect for Tyler. That’s going to be fun for me, it’s gonna be good for him, good for his family. And I know he is looking out over us tonight. It’s gonna be good.”

RT @latimessports: Mike Trout, Tommy La Stella to wear No. 45 during All-Star game to honor Tyler Skaggs

San Francisco homeless count goes from bad to worse, jumping 30% from 2017

‘Hitting a woman is not right’: Disney visitor tries to break up family brawl