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World War II bomb explosion registers as minor earthquake

German police confirm an explosion that left a large crater in a cornfield near Limburg and caused a magnitude-1.7 tremor was caused by a 25kg World War II bomb.

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San Francisco becomes first US city to ban e-cigarettes

The US city, home to market leader Juul, is the first to ban sales in-store and from online retailers.

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US-Iran crisis: Trump lashes out at ‘ignorant and insulting’ statement

The US president tweeted after his Iranian counterpart responded to sanctions unveiled on Monday.

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Ian Paisley holiday ‘funded by Maldives government minister’

A “long-term friend” who paid for the DUP MP’s holiday was a figure in the Maldives cabinet, it is alleged.

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Fertility doctor loses licence after using his own sperm

One woman said he felt “contaminated” to discover that Dr Norman Barwin was her father.

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‘World’s best restaurant’ is France’s Mirazur

It won in a competition by the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, but some experts question the methodology.

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