VIDEO: Deputies Fired Some 34 Rounds, Killing Man Who Used Car as ‘Weapon,’ LASD Cmdr. Says as Video Is Released –

Yes, it’s really hot. And Miami-Dade has a new record to show for it

‘A loose cannon’ Donald Trump listens to no one but himself

Donald Trump’s plan to attack Iran, and then cancel it at the last minute, shows how dangerous his chaotic management style can be when played out on the world stage, writes Micheline Maynard.

         June 23, 2019 at 12:28PM

Give babies peanut butter before they turn one to help avoid allergies, authorities say

Overturning decades of advice, parents are now being told to introduce foods with peanuts to their baby’s diet before they turn one-year-old to reduce their chance of developing food allergies.

         June 23, 2019 at 12:26PM

Former #US Democratic congressman Joe Sestak announces 2020 presidential bid

RT @Breaking911: BREAKING: 5 current and former senior administration officials say they believe DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan leaked ICE raids to the media in order to sabotage the operation – @Anna_Giaritelli

RT @DavidJNeal: “Now, THAT’S A FIRE! THAT’S A FIRE! Roll Charlie around, he’ll be all right…” Florida man grills steak, but it’s the house that gets overdone. #Floridaman