Rare foot condition no obstacle for budding young soccer star

How an inspirational young soccer player with a rare disability bucked the bench with the help of his team and paved the way for an all-abilities game.

         June 22, 2019 at 12:45PM https://ab.co/2ZDHAZ5

70 people were arrested outside of The New York Times building, NYPD says, during a protest to call attention to the way news outlets cover the ‘climate crisis’ – CNN

RT @NHTSAgov: Summer and sunshine are here! But with the sun comes heat, and heat can be a killer – especially when it involves a child who has been left or gotten trapped inside an unattended vehicle. Always #CheckForBaby because #HeatstrokeKills. https://t.co/HUfh2AVkSz

Several North Miami businesses temporarily evacuated due to gas leak https://t.co/NmcwVRy7KA

With a hand crushed and fingers severed, farmer Gary Webster drove himself to hospital

With his left hand crushed and trapped within farm machinery, and having already sacrificed two fingers on his other hand trying to pull it out, Ravensthorpe farmer Gary Webster credits his next decision with saving his life.

         June 22, 2019 at 12:37PM https://ab.co/2J0N9dA

Iran executes ‘CIA spy’ as Donald Trump announces fresh sanctions

Tehran executes a former defence ministry employee it says was spying for the United States, as Washington announces new sanctions against the nation and Donald Trump warns military action is still on the table over the downing of a US drone.

         June 22, 2019 at 12:28PM https://ab.co/31T7Cd1

Russian accounts pushed fake Rubio tweet warning of British spy threat to US elections https://t.co/PStXVKAmw9 https://t.co/r5HIEjv6SI