‘Predatory’ payday lender accused of exploiting vulnerable remote communities

Hundreds of Indigenous people living in communities across the West Australian desert are being signed up to loans by a Gold Coast-based lender they can neither afford nor understand, advocacy groups say.

         May 31, 2019 at 12:16PM https://ab.co/2WClTe6

King Salman: The attack on oil facilities is not only targeting Saudi Arabia and the UAE, but the whole world

King Salman: The attack on oil facilities is not only targeting Saudi Arabia and the UAE, but the whole world

As Beaufort Street struggles, a former industrial car yard strip shows how a high street can thrive

The sudden closure of two popular Mount Lawley bars sparks fears for Perth’s once bustling Beaufort Street entertainment strip, but the former car yard hub of East Victoria Park shows how a suburb can revitalise itself.

         May 31, 2019 at 12:10PM https://ab.co/2Xh7dy4

With his last press conference, David Pocock cemented his place among sporting greats

In his final press conference, marking the end of his Super Rugby career, David Pocock perfectly illustrated what his legacy to the game, and Australian sport, would be.

         May 31, 2019 at 12:10PM https://ab.co/2Xiy3Wx

Lettings fee ban brings cheer to tenants

A new law begins saving renters in England from big upfront fees, but landlords say rents could rise.

from BBC News – Business https://bbc.in/2MkLGDD

HMRC leads number spoofing crackdown to prevent fraud

Fraudsters have manipulated caller number displays to show actual tax authority’s phone numbers.

from BBC News – Business https://bbc.in/2HNo9qL

The sea-cooled eco-resort that’s nearly mosquito-free

The Brando resort in French Polynesia is close to being carbon neutral and self-sustainable.

from BBC News – Business https://bbc.in/2Mlrp0V

Local news station reports that six individuals were transported to local area hospitals https://t.co/m5aqJQjJng #virginiabeach #shooting https://t.co/OG19a2quxE

.@realDonaldTrump says will announce second term presidential run on June 18 https://t.co/j2Ilf7Kttb

WATCH: #Rainbow cake in the sky: Stunning phenomenon spotted in #Singapore https://t.co/GR7X7ca1Tx https://t.co/HEt3fYf87o