‘They’re very resilient animals’: Cyclone Trevor’s stranded pets pull through

Around 2,000 pets were left behind during the mass evacuation operation triggered by the severe tropical cyclone, and vets are now travelling through remote Territory areas to assess how the animals have fared.

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Exclusive: Telecom equipment provider Avaya considers leveraged buyout – sources https://t.co/nvrxRY4XVC https://t.co/6DsEnaPB4m

Over 100 people still in grave condition after chemical blast in #China – health authorities https://t.co/C5RXRAJyrE https://t.co/L76BMC6BRp

Sports betting: The basics

Tempted to put money down on your favorite team, but don’t know where to begin? Now that sports betting is legal, here’s what you need to know

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Paving process begins on 3.5-kilometer-long China-Laos railway bridge https://t.co/jkRNXSWVx7

.@DianaRoss urges Michael Jackson’s accusers ‘to stop in name of love’, torches Twitter https://t.co/ZiCeGernVF #LeavingNeveland https://t.co/ZUowc8D4IB

Newspaper headlines: May’s premiership and ‘children damaged by cannabis’

The newspapers again focus on Theresa May’s position ahead of a critical week for Brexit. March 24, 2019 at 01:32PM https://ift.tt/2FsDeLP