.@mod_russia records shelling at 16 locations in Idlib de-escalation zone https://t.co/6EQiqrultA #Syria https://t.co/Rp5qgyqYkg


BREAKING: Belgian court gives Jewish museum shooter life sentence for killing four people – reports https://t.co/R6LJzOUvLP https://t.co/oaqlcIQSmq

🔴 BREAKING – Brussels Jewish museum killer Mehdi Nemmouche sentenced to life in prison https://t.co/xfQB2dHoYx https://t.co/c91jQnMJUn

#Huawei’s best solution is to use U.S. legal system to counter unfair practices https://t.co/Cbr76xHrOQ

Accidental alcohol poisoning caused death of UC Irvine student after January party, coroner says https://t.co/s583rt5GXO

Live: China’s chief judge and chief procurator are meeting the press #TwoSessions https://t.co/KFpJca9xLY

US regulators tell Boeing to make 737 MAX design changes in wake of Ethiopia crash

US aircraft manufacturer Boeing goes into damage control after an Ethiopian Airlines Boeing 737 MAX crashed, killing all 157 passengers onboard, with its CEO saying that he was ‘confident’ of the plane’s safety.

         March 11, 2019 at 01:36PM https://ift.tt/2J4mL5L