.@HillaryClinton says she lost 2016 after Republicans ‘gutted Voting Rights Act’ https://t.co/E9WnQU6oWL https://t.co/fIzmTOOMW9

WATCH: Second chance! Baby woolly monkey rescued from black market https://t.co/VKkh7XpK9c https://t.co/aUehroVJZw

Safety concerns behind UK prison’s move to open first transgender wing

Three inmates who were born men but have changed gender are set to be the first criminals living in the new unit, which aims to improve prisoner safety.

         March 04, 2019 at 01:35PM https://ift.tt/2C5AH9x

US Democrats ‘almost guarantee second @realDonaldTrump victory’ with toothless new probe https://t.co/Y83PTo7eaX https://t.co/v1XfK5coII

Royals combat trolls stalking Meghan and Kate with new social media protocols

In place of the racism, abuse and violent threats often directed at Meghan and Kate, the Royals want their social media followers to engage with kindness, courtesy and respect for all other users.

         March 04, 2019 at 01:25PM https://ift.tt/2XEVtG8

‘Communist News Network’: Billboard trolling CNN pops up in Hollywood https://t.co/23sfRiFBR7 https://t.co/soLpnPIMU0

Qantas flight from Adelaide to Canberra makes emergency diversion to Melbourne

The ABC understands the Adelaide to Canberra flight landed safely after 8:00am after being diverted to Melbourne following “reported pressurisation issues”.

         March 04, 2019 at 01:10PM https://ift.tt/2TdyWC3

Integrity Initiative: The sinister chain of events leading up to #Salisbury https://t.co/ARk9YYgUfI https://t.co/BDtLS8rwbU

California sues after Trump administration finalizes changes to Title X family planning program https://t.co/ff0HBlFU1X https://t.co/O6TCG0n6Ts

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A glowing image of Christ pops up above #Italy (PHOTO) https://t.co/Lrq6bjd4Jq https://t.co/c6KcTh7GrC