@BreakingNews: 5 people killed in shooting at manufacturing plant in Aurora, Illinois, police say; suspect deceased; 5 officers injured. http://bit.ly/2SDwUKT


‘It’s a great thing’: Trump declares national emergency over border

Saying there’s “an invasion of drugs, invasion of gangs, invasion of people” at the southern border, US President Donald Trump makes official his declaration of a national emergency to secure funding for his border wall.

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Improving trust, efficiency top agenda for police leaders at Entrust conference


By P1 News Staff

ORLANDO – Law enforcement, public safety and healthcare leaders attended the inaugural Entrust 2019 conference in Orlando. More than 300 attendees, users of the PowerDMS platform, came together to explore best practices such as engaging a millennial workforce, training tactics to increase employee safety, and maintaining a culture of compliance.

Retired Navy SEAL Rich Diviney delivered the keynote address " Start with Why." Diviney, drawing on more than 20 years of experience as a Navy SEAL officer, gave participants the foundational understanding and tools to unlock their greatest potential. Diviney has worked with motivational speaker Simon Sinek to help leaders and organizations create environments where people feel valued and free to explore their potential. Diviney spoke about the qualities of high-performing teams and how to build them, as well as the important relationship between trust and performance.

Other sessions covered a wide-range of experts and topics. Paul Tennies, Northville Township Police Department, spoke on engaging the millennial workforce. He shared how the police department has used technology, specifically the PowerDMS mobile app, to increase buy-in, trust, and transparency with their growing millennial workforce.

Richard Beary, University of Central Florida chief emeritus and past-president of the International Chiefs of Police, shared the use of technology-based policies for modern policy practice and procedure training. His talk, "Everyday is a Training Day," stressed the importance of daily training to avoid serious line of duty injury and to decrease liability as police interact with suspects.

Bob Bradley, senior vice president of the PoliceOne Academy, described how to use activity-based tracking to close the loop on traditional training methods, driving greater consistency and transparency within your department.

The conference concluded with the first-ever Entrust Awards, which celebrated three police departments for modernizing subpoena management, finding high-risk children with autism faster and saving their departments money.

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Black snow falls down in Russia’s #Siberia https://t.co/P5ZRRtT0Dn https://t.co/OPpRSh9tHM

UPDATE: At least five deceased in #AuroraIllinois after gunman fired at cowerkers, cops https://t.co/cO4OHsWass https://t.co/rdD1AwysKc

#Putin to play hockey after meeting Belarus president despite injury https://t.co/p3ezIC8OM9 https://t.co/PCoaz5hbOA

#Putin to play hockey after meeting Belarus president despite injury https://t.co/p3ezIC8OM9 https://t.co/PCoaz5hbOA