What does ‘reopening’ Christmas Island mean and why do it?

The Morrison Government is attempting to turn Labor’s support for the medevac legislation into a mini “Tampa” crisis, while stalling the push for another royal commission, writes Michelle Grattan.

         February 14, 2019 at 01:26PM https://ab.co/2Sz1oxS

Caracas establishes international @UN group to oppose foreign meddling – Venezuelan FM https://t.co/Krf3R8qqDo https://t.co/v7Z3Z61kgL

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Whether as a blessing or punishment, many people think Trump’s presidency was God’s will https://t.co/2JeYLWYrEB

Average ‘Russian troll’s’ CV: – Made Trump president; – Saved measles from extinction; – Fluent in English; – Key skills include social media https://t.co/zLVVtDMdCr

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Betty Ballantine, who helped invent the modern paperback, dies at 99 https://t.co/5ePqD8UBql

#NASA: China and India are making the Earth greener https://t.co/ieJUHLalsJ

Mother’s plea for change after son killed on notorious gravel track to Wolfe Creek

Bradley Challis was 22 years old when his van rolled over on a stretch of outback road, killing him. His mother wants travellers to be more aware of the dangers.

         February 14, 2019 at 01:14PM https://ab.co/2BDHUO6