.@realDonaldTrump-Kim summits pave way for ‘new relations between the US, #NorthKorea’ (Op-Ed) https://t.co/MfNrGHb7bi https://t.co/4GXQpbQor0

RT @shelbygrad: This photo is a perfect illustration for deep inequity that is California in 2019. Wildest richest for some, economic misery for others. @sarahparvini tells the latter story from El Centro. https://t.co/cusVnuYnno https://t.co/PyFpC5cnIf

RT @shelbygrad: One thing I love about @GustavoArellano is that he’s a truly eclectic chronicler of California. Would never guess THIS would be his first Page 1 story for @latimes — a deep dive into libertarianism in the Inland Empire in the age of Trump https://t.co/rdooofmWJS

Czech cyber chief expects Huawei, ZTE to be excluded from more tenders https://t.co/6GJQK7j4C8 https://t.co/NsJSBhUKdM

.@NicolasMaduro on possible intervention: #Venezuela to make US suffer irreparable losses https://t.co/d16meXfY09 https://t.co/m0ftjRzqTX

Designated survivor name for SOTU will be released in next hour, says @PressSec.

Designated survivor name for SOTU will be released in next hour, says @PressSec.

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La Jolla gallery owner and salesman admit ivory trafficking https://t.co/D0RR3XyYGk

R.I.P. – Virginia State Trooper Killed During Drug Investigation https://t.co/JzIZuZOYbX https://t.co/UXuXgtaynq

CARTOON: Nuclear conditions https://t.co/7lopTjYoIF #INFTreaty https://t.co/UcBNwNVguj

‘Rocky times ahead’: At least 33% of Himalayan glaciers on pace to melt by 2100 https://t.co/NB90jSlNPg #Himalayas https://t.co/RvnqzsaCWr