Activists hold #LukovMarch in Bulgaria, honouring pro-Nazi WWII general (PHOTOS)


RT @CNNPolitics: Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown on President Donald Trump calling for a national emergency: “He couldn’t get the Mexicans to build the wall, he couldn’t get Congress to vote the money in. … He got turned down by Congress and then went ahead and did it”

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Mother cries at airport after flight canceled, son misses exams

Probe Into IEC, IECC Claims Considered ‘Critical’: AGO

#Afghan Investors Attend Agricultural Expo In #Dubai

#Smollett paid $3,500 to #Osundairo brothers to play-act the attack, inflicting superficial injuries – report

RT @RTSportNews: ‘A king-sized showdown’ Former #UFC champ Cain Velasquez returns to face Francis Ngannou in Phoenix #UFCPhoenix 👊🔥 | |