Intelligence community ‘wrong’ about #Iran, ‘should go back to school’ – @realDonaldTrump

@jguaido @realDonaldTrump UPDATE: @jguaido representative to OAD hopes EU will recognize opposition leader when 8-day ultimatum expires

.@kaspersky recorded attempts to hack diplomatic entities’ systems in #Iran

A 96-day church service to prevent a family from being deported in the Netherlands ends with government deal to give more time to asylum seekers

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Russian-Chinese cooperation not aimed against third states – Beijing

BREAKING: @jguaido’s representative to OAS says @realDonaldTrump-Guaido meeting not being prepared, no plans to leave #Venezuela

#Asgardia micro-nation to launch 10,000 satellites to make web free

US wants to turn my homeland into Vietnam – @NicolasMaduro

US wants to turn my homeland into Vietnam – @NicolasMaduro

Syria, Iran agree to ditch dollar in bilateral transactions