French “spider man” scales #Philippines’ GT Tower

Halal web browser promises Muslims it will deliver porn-free net

US denounces #Venezuela’s attorney general as ‘illegitimate’ – @AmbJohnBolton

US denounces #Venezuela’s attorney general as ‘illegitimate’ – @AmbJohnBolton

Oppression and its opponents shape a political Berlinale

Mayor Eric Garcetti’s hastily announced news conference sparks intrigue

US Senate to vote on resolution to halt support to Saudi Coalition in #Yemen

Twitter suspends 61 ‘fake news’ bot accounts ahead of Israeli elections

#ICYMI Foreign diplomats from over 100 countries came to the Forbidden City in Beijing, China to celebrate Xiaonian, a festival that takes place a week before the Lunar New Year #SpringFestival2019

RT @Breaking911: Would-Be Rapist Who Taped College Student’s Mouth Shut & Beat Her With Tire Iron Indicted –