Fearing for Saudi teen’s safety, Canada refugee agency hires guard https://t.co/AOwfIbmtq3 https://t.co/1HrRnE95d0

Pentagon ships handicap-accessible cell to #Gitmo for injured detainee’s trial https://t.co/gwltB993X2 https://t.co/iwxcEty3ba

#Crimea troops hit over 100 targets with Pantsir-S missiles during firing drills https://t.co/sf3OrePQDJ https://t.co/X0ZT4axowq

Washington in panic mode as @realDonaldTrump reportedly mulled withdrawal from @NATO https://t.co/UhWRYawxK5 https://t.co/PdKZ61c4uW

DENIED: US police cannot force you to unlock your iPhone with your thumb https://t.co/99QRBMozlL https://t.co/BEUHfeJpzh

Outgoing #IDF chief publicly admits to supplying arms to anti-Assad forces in #Syria https://t.co/sxLnDW7djQ https://t.co/VedTcVXduO

UPDATE: British, American citizens killed in #AlShabaab assault in Kenya capital – reports https://t.co/Y8gXCzojY5 https://t.co/kWxlMn7UnO

.@ChrisChristie accuses @jaredkushner of ‘political hit job’ in upcoming book https://t.co/LxD2mvRkpW https://t.co/rgmJ1nM6kx

WATCH: Lucky kid! #Austria railway workers rescue goat stuck in snowdrift https://t.co/SWizIT9Bad https://t.co/OlA1V41q63

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) announced Tuesday night that she is launching a presidential exploratory committee, joining the crowded Democratic hunt to win the White House in 2020 – Politico