#Trump announces beginning of ‘long overdue pullout’ of #US troops from #Syria https://t.co/7LDMhhByQH https://t.co/XONnAZ5X14

#US to stay in #Syria to help PYD strike better deal with Damascus, opposition says https://t.co/lxJaizRosS https://t.co/XuyEva3m4T

Avalanche kills at least 3 German skiers in Austrian Alps, reports say https://t.co/anq5eq4YLk #Austria https://t.co/Gx2gY0ez5I

RT @KHOUStephanie: Sick of package thieves? A guy in Houston planted a bait package that fired a 12 gauge shotgun blank when picked up. This is what happened the first night he put it out. #KHOU11 https://t.co/jGw12c7oKV

@PIX11News: Trump says he has ‘no idea’ if deal can be made with Pelosi https://t.co/cgMlapKQLD http://bit.ly/2ROfBWu

Qinling National Park: A glimpse at #China’s national parks system https://t.co/eLmjpZ8iyI

“How can a book that served to commit crimes be accepted?” Tintin’s adventures have hit 90 years since publication, but critics say there’s nothing to celebrate. https://t.co/ej5StDuavC