@PIX11News: Lady Gaga speaks out on R. Kelly and plans to remove song collaboration from iTunes https://t.co/vRh00uGxv0 http://bit.ly/2TEWoUh


Bus driver hailed after rescuing baby wandering alone on freeway overpass https://t.co/YhLs7rGSXJ

.@elonmusk offered green card after saying he wants to visit #China ‘more often’ https://t.co/5JhzIpmuRY https://t.co/pVjMEaGsJQ

#France reveals terms of its withdrawal from #Syria https://t.co/uU23Cd2bVa https://t.co/t8RYZCZ7zL

#China can help #Pakistan to free itself from the IMF chains (Op-Ed) https://t.co/9CYvkMWtZB https://t.co/tzUPRP04vQ

Samsung unveils 219-inch TV — that’s over 18 feet — called “The Wall” https://t.co/Yp6zwcF5H1

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick told Trump the state will build a wall along parts of the U.S.-Mexico border if the federal government pays Texas back. Texas has a 1,200-mile border with Mexico. https://t.co/kUw5n25X9m