#Turkey will enter #Syria’s Manbij if US doesn’t remove #YPG https://t.co/KaNH48Rzet


Exclusive: T-Mobile, Sprint see U.S. security approval for deal after Huawei concessions – sources https://t.co/V5ZiccQNG2 https://t.co/BBRMuaPopJ

De-dollarisation: #India notifies Turkish lira and Korean won exchange rates https://t.co/a4JEoIAPfl #dollar https://t.co/YZ5VVVvF93

@PIX11News: Facebook exposed 6.8 million users’ private photos https://ift.tt/2S2Unku

.@ClintonFdn probe: ‘I’d say this is going to be more a tax-related issue’ (Op-Ed) https://t.co/GZwafIwCWG https://t.co/hNXry8yTqT

An investigation found that California utility, Pacific Gas & Electric Co., falsified safety records on natural gas pipelines over 5 years, regulators said today https://t.co/LuBg22iNEV

RT @CNNBusiness: Luxury fashion house Prada is withdrawing products after some items displayed in a Manhattan storefront were accused of depicting blackface imagery https://t.co/OFJcDXNgrf https://t.co/0tJFGkqS5S