#Russia’s FSB claims they stopped activity of six members of #Daesh cell in Moscow region https://t.co/auRljr4SD4 https://t.co/11xggOIYya

WATCH: Moving time! #Florida drone captures migration of cownose rays https://t.co/DLbaH9B748 https://t.co/zRi4QQpelg

She’s scamming it: Owner exposes her ‘gold diggin’ dog’s @McDonalds hustle (PHOTO, VIDEOS) https://t.co/PSeldP3bCu #doglovers https://t.co/TffClgeutW

#China’s PLA completes de-mining mission on #Vietnam border – reports https://t.co/DpEufyV7gB https://t.co/WyeRGlon0P

#AI-generated ‘Edmond de Belamy’ painting sells for $432,000 (PHOTO) https://t.co/GrhSufQ527 https://t.co/zq3SEp6NAY

Adults only: #Finland to close the door for minors to marry https://t.co/dcJcfWqslq https://t.co/qtj25wrCHU

WATCH: On the bottom right of the screen, the Iron Dome fires missiles to intercept rockets fired from Gaza towards homes in Israel. In response, IDF fighter jets and attack helicopters have started striking targets in Gaza. https://t.co/TnJSnY9RIm