New York Times serves as @facebook’s mouthpiece in purge of independent media


Woman claims she was sexually assaulted by 9-year-old at Brooklyn deli. Surveillance video proves her wrong. She sticks to her story.

@PIX11News: RT @AndrewRamosTV: White woman falsely accuses 9-year-old black boy of sex assault at Brooklyn deli. Despite new surveillance footage that debunks the claim, the woman – now known as #CornerstoreCaroline – sticks to her story in our exclusive interview @PIX11News

#Germany’s secret service BfV to decide on surveillance of @AfD by 2019 – reports

MORE: ‘Could it be that the United States is looking for a pretext to abandon the INF Treaty, while, obviously, blaming Russia for it?’ questioned the envoy at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies in Monterey, California

DETAILS: ‘Recently, we hear more and again statements from the US military command that the country requires intermediate- and short-range missiles to deter China,’ said Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov

Washington seeks ‘pretext’ to abandon INF treaty – Russian envoy to US