@PIX11News: More than 250 people around the world have died taking selfies since 2011, study says https://t.co/lvstoeVcIV https://ift.tt/2PbXghs

#صحافة_إسرائيلية | وزيرة الثقافة الإسرائيلية إلى #أبو_ظبي: علم العدو سيرفع في بطولة للجودو في #الإمارات https://t.co/ISfnbGwLjN https://t.co/cd4mbLn6wY

He’s been linked with Manchester City and Tottenham. Meet Tanguy Ndombele, the Lyon revelation in the France squad. Read: https://t.co/HXEhFTbBFn https://t.co/PCZa6lg2bQ

‘It’s interesting how #Daesh and US forces are so close to each other’ (Op-Ed) https://t.co/4N1efgNANH https://t.co/KLHx1kj9nx

India, Russia to set up common platform for promoting gifted children https://t.co/6S4im7JTny #education https://t.co/SyCIgnO9Z4

#Skripal refused to move to US under new identity, “The Skripal Files” book claims https://t.co/c4yE7BHFOj https://t.co/GkklikLGcm

RT @LAFD: 🚧 #LATraffic: All WESTBOUND lanes of Washington Blvd now open in vicinity of this morning’s fire. All Eastbound lanes remain closed between Figueroa St + Union Ave until @LAFD operations complete. No estimate to opening. We apologize for inconvenience. https://t.co/10mTc7s8UV