B911 POLL: Do You Believe Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Allegations Are Credible?


“It’s very difficult to have these conversations with your children, which we’ve had to have….” – Ashley Kavanaugh https://t.co/UjZFJ7wiMf

West Nile virus kills at least 4 in California, health officials say https://t.co/imlwUWHUiV

‘When we work together, we can save the planet’s wildlife.’ https://t.co/33uTeOH2ew

What a play! This was incredible from Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. Watch👉https://t.co/pHbjL3AW2T https://t.co/G1szUmDxOC

While Anthony Joshua was busy retaining his heavyweight titles in the ring, his old rival Dillian Whyte was gathering his own following for others reasons. Read: https://t.co/JJFMYmDP8H https://t.co/KCU5tkcJwj

Former heads of state slam ‘failing’ war on drugs, call for global legalization https://t.co/T9Os6dFVvb #WarOnDrugs https://t.co/DeDodNiRDU