Woman trying to sell camera through app says purported buyer ran away with it https://t.co/hgwSLfuhLA


Suit: Johns Hopkins doctor sprayed patient fluids on nurse as part of hazing routine https://t.co/TYloQwg9oD

Ohio bill would require teachers, counselors to notify parents whose kids are transgender https://t.co/C54QtNz1jd

Democratic process: 133 #politicians murdered in runup to Sunday #Mexico vote https://t.co/2s2lRSQ828 https://t.co/oC4647jICW

RT @MCorreaKHOU: That Fed. Child Processing Center in #McAllen opened July 2014, chain-link barriers included. The facility has been processing immigrant children since then. A lot of the criticism against protesters has been, “where were you then.” These #Houstonians answered honestly to #khou11 https://t.co/aDSSHHTAtv

Security much? Prank call to #Trump results in secret service visit https://t.co/tLEz5aw1Vz https://t.co/ALiUkmNoLR

Headline acts Messi and Ronaldo bid farewell to World Cup https://t.co/SFvPQneddx https://t.co/tnbVw2dLf6