RT @Breakingviews: There are good reasons to downplay cryptocurrencies’ disruptive power https://t.co/1Uyqdmt3at @tombuerkle https://t.co/0XfwHECSu4


UK accounting watchdog says KPMG audits show ‘unacceptable deterioration’ https://t.co/KSLm7PePXd https://t.co/mhURjzvZNI

“He was asked a question that he’s never been asked before and he misspoke,” company says of employee caught on camera saying only U.S. citizens can take the bus https://t.co/2zJY2cDKkA

The 20-year-old rapper was pronounced dead at a hospital after being shot, according to the @browardsheriff https://t.co/q71Theo2aa

Trump directs establishment of U.S. force to dominate space https://t.co/MR6Dp41Pu7 https://t.co/MfgCYgh155

Rainy week ahead with minor flooding concerns https://t.co/CMp91uYWmH https://t.co/Tg7CTYtDnX

No need for a tantrum yet; the Fed is just treading water https://t.co/7XWppE9WeZ