At least 180 prisoners at large in Nigeria after jail raid

#الأردن | إقالة الملك للحكومة والدعوة إلى جلسة استثنائية للبرلمان استجابة لضغط الشارع #إضراب_الرابع #الدوار_الرابع #إضراب_الرابع #عمر_الرزاز #هاني_الملقي

LAPD’s next chief, Michel Moore, a 36-year veteran of the department, remarks on “how humbled” he is after Mayor Garcetti announces his appointment

Migrant women, children sent back to Middle East to avoid ‘Norwegianization’ #migrants #Norway

Who’s to buy condoms, clean them up? #UK paper on #health implications of sexbots

Pope Francis blocks proposal by German bishops to expand the ranks of Protestants who may receive Communion

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