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My concern with foreign policy and for national security I see major holes in the Trump program… far that is….there is a chance that this will become less noticeable with time in office…

As this drama plays out….right now there is posturing within the Trump admin over national security but I believe that they are focusing on minor issues and letting major ones fall away into the abyss of stupid…..stupid is a strong word….maybe I should use incompetency in its place.

The American Conservative has written about the very subject I am writing on today……

The Trump administration’s proposed budget would actually weaken the agencies responsible for securing the country:

The Trump administration wants to gut the Coast Guard and make deep cuts in airport and rail security to help pay for its crackdown on illegal immigration, according to internal budget documents reviewed by POLITICO — a move that lawmakers and security experts say defies logic if the White House is serious about defending against terrorism and keeping out undocumented foreigners.

Source: Trump’s Empty National Security Posturing | The American Conservative

We cannot provide the nation with security by limiting that duties of the State department…..

I believe that if we want a secure nation then the discussion about national security should move to be more public…..that is within reason….I realize there are some issues that need to be behind closed doors….but a more public discussion would keep the people in the loop and become more transparent…..something presidents and candidates have all stated to be of the utmost importance….

President Trump has proposed a Department of Defense spending increase of $54 billion, or over 10 percent above the current Fiscal Year 2017 budget. The offsets for the increased defense spending have not been specifically identified other than coming from “greater savings and efficiencies across the federal government.” While the debate rages as to the wisdom and benefit of such a federal spending rebalancing, a fundamental question remains: what is the national security strategy that supports this reallocation of resources?

So far, President Trump has spoken publicly about defense priorities only in broad terms. He has said the U.S. military should project strength, not aggression, and that it should avoid unnecessary foreign interventions and focus on defeating terrorist groups. He has suggested U.S. allies should assume a fair share of the cost of their defense. In remarks March 2 aboard the aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford, he said the additional funding is necessary to pay for more ships, aircraft and other equipment, greater force levels and enhanced cyber capabilities.

Source: A More Public National Security Strategy Discussion | RealClearDefense

So far Trump is doubling down of the state of permanent war for the US……at least for the foreseeable future……Trump’s recent major speech to Congress shows the doubling down part of which I write…..

Andrew Bacevich comments on Trump’s address to Congress:

For U.S. military leaders, for the national security apparatus as a whole, for defense contractors, and for the Congress itself, Trump was the bearer of good news. As commander-in-chief, he will observe the agreement forged by his immediate predecessors: When it comes to war and basic U.S. national security policy, there will be no accountability and no awkward questions.

There will be no inquiry into the misjudgments and failures that have saddled future generations with a six-trillion-dollar bill. There will be no postmortem. Except at the most trivial level, there will be no learning. There will, however, be more war.

Source: Trump and Our State of Permanent War | The American Conservative

Our state of permanent war will remain the focal point of the Trump admin for now…..expansion into other parts of the world are looking like an inevitability….

Then there is the “famous” wall of the Trump dream machine……to build this stupid idea Trump is willing to sacrifice homeland security……he is proposing cuts that could effect our very security…..

The Trump administration, searching for money to build the president’s planned multibillion-dollar border wall and crack down on illegal immigration, is weighing significant cuts to the Coast Guard, the Transportation Security Administration and other agencies focused on national security threats, according to a draft plan.

The proposal, drawn up by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), also would slash the budget of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, which provides disaster relief after hurricanes, tornadoes and other natural disasters. The Coast Guard’s $9.1 billion budget in 2017 would be cut 14 percent to about $7.8 billion, while the TSA and FEMA budgets would be reduced about 11 percent each to $4.5 billion and $3.6 billion, respectively.

Source: To fund border wall, Trump administration weighs cuts to Coast Guard, airport security – The Washington Post

The American people need to be part of this conversation….as it is the only ones with input are the ones that make the most wealth off of war….and that will continue….no matter who is president.

US national security is about to take a hit for some moronic dream.

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