How Bob Ferguson Became The Man To Stop Trump’s Immigration Order

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson was flying home from a conference for Democratic Attorney General’s in Florida when the protests of President Trump’s immigration order were at their apex.

He’s a staunch Democrat from a staunchly Democratic state. His boss is also a Democrat, his boss being Governor Jay Inslee. They were both outraged at the news of the immigration order, and just like everyone else, Ferguson wanted to stop it. The second he touched down in Washington, he planned to go home and come to work with a plan to stop the order.

And he did stop it.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was in disarray when Ferguson landed. TSA agents who didn’t know what to do, protesters who were crowding the airport waving signs and yelling, and refugees who were being detained as a direct result of the order.

His plan was simple but meticulously crafted. Ferguson filed a complaint in the United States District Court in Seattle claiming that the immigration order would cause lasting damage to Washington state as a whole. This claim was based on the truth that so much of Washington’s economy relies on international trade and trade relations, something Ferguson believed the order threatened.

It was Washington State Solicitor General Noah Purcell who had the idea to join with private companies to stop the order. Soon, with just a few phone calls, Ferguson had Expedia and Amazon on board against the immigration order. Both Expedia and Amazon are headquartered in Washington, Expedia in Bellevue and Amazon in Seattle.

[The order is] unlawful and unconstitutional

Ferguson was once a state chess champion, he knows well how to construct a strategy and execute it to achieve the desired result. His work taking down President Donald Trump’s immigration order is the most forceful and effective of all legal challenges so far, and there have been many. The night protests were raging in the streets of New York, a Brooklyn Judge sided with the ACLU in a case against President Donald Trump’s immigration order.

To read my article about all of the potential ways Trump’s immigration order could be unconstitutional, follow this link:

Governor Jay Inslee was quick to act, too. Even though his Attorney General wasn’t in Washington, Inslee sent a message to the office of the Attorney General, telling them to come up with a strategy to fight the order immediately.

From my standpoint there is a risk in everything, but I am someone who believes in calculated risk

It seems that this order has created many stars and hero’s, Bob Ferguson is certainly one of the biggest. Does Ferguson have Donald Trump to thank for his sudden time in the spotlight?

It’s part of our nature and history, this is the first time this administration has been reigned in

-Washington Governor Jay Inslee

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