Coming the “Journalistic” Spring

This past election has had much more scrutiny and criticism of the media…we even have a new president that thinks anyone identified as “journalist” is working against him….I will admit that there are some that may be doing so but the majority is just doing a job they were hired to do…..

Could reporters covering White House goings-on soon be relegated to standing in front of the fence, much like the New York Times describes reporters in the 1890s? A report published Saturday night by Esquiresuggested a move of some sort, with three senior transition team officials telling the magazine discussions have been had to move the press corps out of the 49-seat West Wing press room and to one of two other nearby locations: the White House Conference Center, which was used as a temporary press center during a previous press-room revamp, or the Executive Office Building just west of the White House. The announcement surprised those in the journalism arena, fresh off a contentious press conference the president-elect held earlier in the week. Trump’s incoming press secretary Sean Spicer told Esquirethe topic had been broached but not decided on.

“There’s been so much interest in covering a President Donald Trump,” he said, attributing a possible move to, among other things, not enough seats to accommodate a growing number of reporters. Another senior official offered a different take, calling the press “the opposition party” and noting, “I want ’em out of the building. We are taking back the press room.” Reince Priebus, Trump’s incoming chief of staff, tried to assuage jittery feelings Sunday on This Week With George Stephanopoulos, noting a move to the EOB—”which, by the way, is the White House”—had been discussed, and that such a move would offer more access, per ABC News. White House Correspondents’ Association President Jeff Mason said in a statement that the WHCA “[objects] strenuously to any move that would shield the president and his advisers from the scrutiny of an on-site White House press corps.”

There have been lots of mumbling about the future of the press corp at the White House……

Donald Trump berated CNN and BuzzFeed at his news conference last week, just the latest of his hostile encounters with journalists. Now there’s even talk of moving the White House press corps to less prestigious digs. With advisers such as Newt Gingrich advocating that he “close down the elite press,” some are predicting bleak landscapes for journalism under President Trump. Media writer Jack Shafer, however, predicts just the opposite in Politico Magazine. Reporters should think of Trump’s inauguration as “Liberation Day,” he advises, because the old rules about covering the White House no longer apply. Reporters won’t have the official access they’ve become accustomed to, and that’s OK.

Instead, “they will infest the departments and agencies around town that the president has peeved.” The list is plentiful: The CIA, the State Department, the Pentagon, and the FBI, should provide plenty of willing sources, and don’t forget disgruntled employees of agencies such as the EPA who might be asked to work on policies they hate. Trump also, of course, has endless business connections to investigate in regard to conflicts of interest, and newspapers such as the Washington Post are dedicating staff solely to that purpose. Remember that the president-elect “remains unpopular with at least half of the nation, and they constitute an eager audience for critical reporting,” writes Shafer. “It’s not winter that’s coming with the inauguration of Trump,” he concludes. “It’s journalistic spring.” Click for his full column.)

I admit that some in the MSM are notorious for trying to create stories they can cover ad nauseum…..but to try an eliminate the press corp covering the presidency is just short of eliminating the freedom of the press….and that is a right in the Constitution somewhere (this is sarcasm so save the BS for another day)….

It has already begun… opposing opinion is not tolerated….neither Trump or his lazy spineless minions…..fore now they have the best defense….they can claim “fake news”…..without any proof just say it and it is so……

Is this a move to try and neuter the White House media?

Tyrants don’t allow open questioning, and they hate the free press. They want total control.

That’s why, according to three senior officials on the transition team, the incoming Trump administration is considering evicting the White House press corps from the press room inside the White House and moving them – and news conferences – to a conference center or to the Old Executive Office Building.

Source: Trump’s Plan to Neuter the White House Press Corps, and Neuter Our Democracy | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

Personally this is silly….nay….pathetic to even consider such a move.

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