The Return of “Heavy Metal”

I wish this was a post on the music genre from the 80’s but in this case it is not…..this about the situation in Eastern Europe……

There is a lot of talk these days about the possibility of a new Cold War in the making….without blaming any one politician I would like to show that circumstances are not making this new Cold War any less likely……the “Heavy Metal” in this case is the use of tanks and such…..

First a report issued by the European Council of Foreign Affairs……

Since 2014, Russia has mounted an extensive, aggressive, and multi-platform attempt to use its military and the threat of force as instruments of coercive diplomacy, intended to divide, distract, and deter Europe from challenging Russia’s activities in its immediate neighbourhood.

The main elements are threats of potential military action, wargames which pointedly simulate such operations, the deployment of combat units in ways which also convey a political message, and intrusions close to and into European airspace, waters and even territory.

The actual impact of these policies is varied, sometimes counter-productive, and they depend on coordination with other means of diplomacy and influence. But they have nonetheless contributed to a fragmentation of unity within both NATO and the European Union.

Heavy metal diplomacy’ is likely to continue for the immediate future. This requires a sharper sense on the part of the EU and its member states of what is a truly military move and what is political, a refusal to rise to the bait, and yet a display of convincing unity and cross-platform capacity when a response is required.

Source: Heavy Metal Diplomacy: Russia’s Political Use of its Military in Europe since 2014 | European Council on Foreign Relations

The US recently added more armament to Eastern Europe thus fueling a Russian paranoia……

A shipment of US tanks, howitzers and other military equipment has arrived in Germany as part of a mission to allay concerns about Russian aggression. The cargo will be moved to eastern Europe in the next few weeks.

Ships began unloading the cargo in the northern port of Bremerhaven on Friday, marking the start of the deployment of a third US combat brigade in Europe. From Germany, the hundreds of trucks and tanks will be transported by rail and road to eastern Europe.

Source: Hundreds of US Tanks, Trucks Arrive for NATO Mission in Europe | World Affairs Journal

Some us analyst see the possibility of a new Cold War in the making…..if so is there a way to avoid said conflict?

The American Conservative offers their idea on this subject……

Is then a Cold War II between Russia and the U.S. avoidable?

That question raises several others.

Who is more responsible for both great powers having reached this level of animosity and acrimony, 25 years after Ronald Reagan walked arm-in-arm with Mikhail Gorbachev through Red Square? And what are the causes of the emerging Cold War II?

Source: How to Avoid a New Cold War | The American Conservative

Paranoia has done more damage than actual words…..time to watch this situation develop and to head off any confrontation from turning nasty.

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